What our agents are saying...

"I love the fact that our [assistants] and Office Staff contacts, scrubs, and Schedules office appointments for our leads. This is very monumental in my business. It gives me the impression that I am in business for myself. I received my first lead within hours of joining the company. Within the first week, I had 3 new signed buyers agency agreements, one of those clients was under contract within 2 weeks!!”
Melanie Mills-Johnson | Licensed NC REALTOR®

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"I chose Showcase because it is just the right size firm. I didn't want to go to a large firm where you are just a number and didn't want to go to a small firm that didn't have the ability to offer resources to their agents. I wanted to be at a firm that had ownership that was committed to growing the business . I have never had that before including at my own firm. I also liked the aggressiveness in the recruiting. The handwritten card, email, etc."
John Burk | Licensed NC REALTOR®

"Having two lenders as part of the team has increased my client pre-approval success rate tremendously, before I would send clients to get pre-approved and they would never do it, now our lenders are reaching out to our leads and help us get buyers ready."

"I chose Showcase because of the growth potential, I wanted to be at a firm where I could learn more about working with retail buyers as well as investing. As a new[ly licensed] agent, it was very important to me to find a firm that would support my growth with training and leads, I’m definitely the type of person that will take advantage of such a great opportunity.”
Mariela | Licensed NC REALTOR®

"I chose Showcase because the office is small enough for me to actually learn real estate from successful agents and our broker. [Our] training improved my communication skills and allowed me to be more efficient with converting leads. The leads allowed me to grow my business outside of my personal sphere; which may not be ready to buy In the near future. Showcase is more diverse both in business and personnel compared to previous brokerage I worked with. I’ve also gained real estate investing experience."
Steven Zheng | Licensed NC REALTOR®

"Showcase Realty provided me with the opportunity to take on real estate and become the capable and knowledgeable agent I am today. This is a wonderful place to start or continue your career. I can not say enough about the value of working for a company that can provide leads like Showcase Realty. To my knowledge no other company can even compare."
Tripp Ingle | Broker/ REALTOR® (NC)

“When I first came to Showcase Realty, LLC what initially attracted me was the commission structure which I thought was fantastic. And still I think that the commission structure is fantastic. However, what I have learned to be the highest and best value of working with Showcase Realty, LLC is the support that Nancy and her company give to the agents. Both Nancy Braun and all of the staff at the office from the office administrator, all the way to accounting are so accommodating and helpful and do so much work for the agent behind the scenes that I was just amazed at. This is probably one of the smartest career moves I've made.”
Paul Ashurst | Licensed NC REALTOR®

“I have been working for Showcase Realty for several years now and I love the work atmosphere and the people that I get to work with. I work in the REO department handling foreclosed properties from pre-marketing to contract and have learned and grew tremendously. Not one single day is same which makes my job challenging and interesting. There are ton of leads too and I closed few transactions while working full-time at the office.”
Hazel Bae | REO Pre-Market Specialist, REALTOR® in NC and SC

“To me, joining Showcase was an easy choice. Coming from Keller Williams, I received a lot of training on various different aspects of real estate but didn't receive much help in curating leads. I really appreciate that Showcase offers leads and shadowing opportunities for all agents, not just senior agents. It allows those of us who are newer to real estate to learn on the field oppose to only learning in theory. I especially enjoy the technology Showcase utilizes to keep up with leads.”
Rachel Norton | Real Estate Agent, NC

“I chose Showcase because of the welcoming energy I felt when I first met Nancy. I believe in the company and that is very essential. Showcase offers the leads, technology, and support that I believe will assist me in my business!”
Rachael Ba | Real Estate Agent, NC/SC

“I decided to join Showcase Realty because of its Lead generating system. I am currently looking to expand my clients and having a firm in assisting me with leads was a big reason why I wanted to work at Showcase Realty. I look forward to gaining a lot of knowledge in order to excel in my career at Showcase Realty.”
Lucius Fulks | Realtor/Broker

“I was looking for a smaller boutique like firm that offered training as well as leads to help me jump start my business. I am just beginning but looking forward to my future at Showcase Realty.”
Nancy Sherwin | Realtor

“I love it here so far! The staff is amazing, knowledgeable and very friendly/approachable. I really feel like everyone in the building wants you to "win" and do well. It doesn't feel like they're just pushing you on behalf of the business profits but they want to see you personally do well. I really feel that from Nancy as well. I love how she seems to invest so much into her staff. Having 2 meetings a week with us herself as busy as her schedule is really says a lot.”
Tonshay Boggs | Realtor NC & SC

“I chose Showcase Realty mainly for the great team environment and Nancy's proven success. Technology is also very important and Showcase is utilizing systems that will help me be a successful agent.”
Kelly Feeley | Realtor NC