Establish and Grow Your Very OWN Millionaire Agent Real Estate Business

Exclusive 2-Hour Workshop: How to Establish and Grow Your Very Own Millionaire Agent Real Estate Business in no time flat whether you have a broker license or not.

FACT: You CAN get dozens of sellers calling you, every month, as come list me’s, and you will see exactly how at this seminar.

FACT: You CAN get dozens to hundreds of qualified buyers calling you, every month, without expensive advertising, and the exclusive system that will do this for you will be revealed at this seminar.

FACT: It IS possible to ONLY do the parts of the job that you like and successfully delegate the rest. You will discover how to have a business like that at this seminar.

FACT: 95.5% of agents and brokers make less than $1 Million a year selling real estate. At this two hour seminar you can and will learn what to do and more important what not to do to put yourself in the enviable position of having your income sky rocket to a high six figure, even seven figure annual income from selling real estate, without ever making a cold call or engaging in any manual grunt prospecting.

This REAL Millionaire Agent Maker Workshop will Reveal:

  • The ULTIMATE Listing Presentation Tips & Tricks
  • How to Build, Hire, Train and Run a Successful Real estate Team!
  • Marketing: How to get Buyers and Sellers CALLING YOU!
  • Top Marketing Pieces that compel prospects to give up their anonymity!
  • PLUS: What CRM's, Systems, Processes and Automation Programs we use to make well OVER $1.0M in Commission every year!!

BONUS: The Ultimate Millionaire Agent Maker Success Check List:
The only business plan you will ever need to establish and grow your very own highly profitable real estate business that works so you don’t have to.

A common problem for area agents is in generating a steady stream to overflow of the RIGHT kind of prospects, then turning this overflow of clients into a real estate business that works without the agents’ constant involvement. For the few who do find super success, many end up as slaves to the business, working all hours of the day, rarely able to enjoy their business (or their life).

This can be very frustrating for smart ambitious agents, and many have given up their dreams or determined that it’s just the way it is.

But don’t give up until you’ve attended this Exclusive Millionaire Agent Maker Success Seminar.

CAUTION: What you will discover at this live seminar will most likely conflict with much of what you have heard you must do to be more successful. Truth be told, in order to accomplish more, you must do less. Moreover, less than 0.5% of all agents (and brokers) make $1 Million or more selling real estate, meaning that 99.5% of all industry insiders really don’t know how to establish and a grow a Seven Figure Income Real Estate Business.

Why is this seminar free?

Local sponsors wish to expose their businesses to a select group of agents. Nothing for sale.

Who is the Teacher?

Nancy Braun is the creative force behind Charlotte’s Showcase Realty and its several divisions. Focusing on technology and delivering a new kind of experience, Nancy has created a new model for the real estate industry. With her team of professionals, Nancy has positioned Showcase at the leading edge of the industry, earning national recognition from HousingWire that ranked Showcase Realty 46th in the nation among a very elite group of firms for their fastest growing companies report, HousingWire Fast50™. Showcase Realty is the only company in North Carolina and the only real estate brokerage firm to rank in the HousingWire Fast50™ for 2014

Nancy is #1 agent in closed resale transactions in CMLS.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing is for sale here. No check book needed. The cost of $295 is covered by local sponsors. This event is FREE to the first 35 Agents. Limited to Ambitious Agents Only.

Sponsored By:
Showcase Realty LLC