Showcase Realty LLC Real Estate Career


Only SERIOUS Agents need inquire!
Do you want to make more money, have better personal life, actually have a Stress Free Real Estate Career? Charlotte NC Local Real Estate Company... with an Overflow of Serious Prospects... Seeks Professional Agents Who Wants to Work Reasonable Hours and Make More Money!

This is what Showcase Realty LLC offers you:

# 1: Strong Leadership: Vision, support with problem solving, and leaders who are acting like leaders...that's who we are and what we provide to all of our agents.

#2: Lead Generation: Agents need to prospect, but they want companies that are working to assist in generating leads for them as well. We generate leads every month and distribute them to agents or let our in house Lead scrubber set appointments for you.

#3: Name Brand Awareness: Companies with a strong presence in the market, locally and nationally, will always have a variety of opportunities for the right agents to utilize. Name awareness is tied to market share. The best agents understand that the stronger the name/market share, the easier it is to compete for business.

#4: Education/training: Agents are looking to fine tune their skills. Many agents know they need to get back to the basics and all of the agents realize the value of staying current in an ever changing real estate industry. The best agents also understand the value of securing specialized training or securing certain designations for areas of specialization. Such areas might include: Luxury market training, working with seniors, working the condo market, and one of the newest on the scene is becoming a global agent.

#5: Positive office attitude and healthy environment in the office: Agents want a positive work environment with competent and positive peers. It is easy to see that the offices with the best production and best attitude have brokers with a great attitude.

#6: Mastermind Groups and networking opportunities with other top producers: Many of the best agents enjoy connecting with other successful agents. Their needs and approach to the real estate business is different from rookie agents.

#7: Marketing support/tools: Marketing is the #1 thing that our agents need to do to stay in touch with their sphere and past customers. Showcase Realty LLC offers unparalleled marketing support and tools to help agents grow their business!

#8: Client/data management tools: On the topic of marketing to their data base, most agents are not very organized when it comes to managing their data and client info. We offer an easy to use CRM tool that allows you to input their data, send out marketing, and locate client data quickly. From the most basic to the most robust, we have special deals with numerous vendors to get you what you need.

#9: Coaching and accountability: We see many companies implementing very successful coaching programs, with some great results but NONE better than Showcase Realty LLC.

#10: Administrative support: Agents are working harder, but most are not working smarter. We can help you behind the scenes.  What can we take off your plate, and give you more balance in your life? See what our agents are saying about us...